S/N Faculty Code Faculty Name
1 FS-SET Engineering Technology
2 FS-IAS Industrial and Applied Sciences Technology
3 FS-BMT Business and Management Technology
4 FS-EDT Environmental Design and Technology
5 FS-HRT Hospitality and Related Technology
6 FS-IST Information Studies Technology


Faculty: Business and Management Technology
S/N Department Name
1 Accountancy
2 Business Administration
3 Marketing
4 Purchasing & Supply
5 Banking and Finance
6 Public Administration
7 Office Technology Management
Faculty: Environmental Design and Technology
S/N Department Name
8 Real Estate Management
9 Quantity Surveying
10 Urban and Regional Planning
Faculty: Hospitality and Related Technology
S/N Department Name
11 Nutrition and Dietetics
12 Hospitality Management
Faculty: Industrial and Applied Sciences Technology
S/N Department Name
13 Hospitality Management
14 Industrial and Applied Sciences Technology
15 Business and Management Technology
Faculty: Information Studies Technology
S/N Department Name
16 Mass Communication
Faculty: Engineering Technology
S/N Department Name
17 Electrical/Electronics Engineering
18 Computer Engineering