The management and staff of the polytechnic hold in very high esteem policies and principles that shape, protect, and control an enviable quality and standard of education given to the students, As the only purely technological polytechnic around, the institution id poised to excel in all its operations and programmes and impact positively on the environment, Nigeria and the world at large.


Students are exposed to the mandatory four (4) month and one (1) year Industrial Training ( I.T.) while companies, institution and organizations are approached to offer the students places for their I.T.

  • • Modern and well equipped laboratories, workshops and studios such as drawing studios, computer studios, mechanical workshops, computer/ maintenance workshops, electronic/ communication laboratory, computer technology laboratory.
  • • An up-to-date and well stocked library with books, e-books, journals and other educational materials in various fields.
  • • Departmental libraries
  • • The polytechnic is in contact with American publishers for books at competitive prices.
  • • In our website, there is a stand for our students to chat with lecturers
  • • PHCN/ Public Power Supply
  • • Stand-by Lister Generator
  • • Functional Borehole
  • • Hostel Facilities
  • • Cafeteria
  • • Functional and well equipped resource centre
  • • V-Sat and internet facilities
  • • Functional website
  • • Buses and cars for use by staff and students and for essential services
  • • Highly qualified and well motivated lecturers technologists, technicians and other non-academic staff.